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Harmony in the busiest room in the house


Problem Statement:

Problem 1: Kitchen space is limited in small homes

Problem 2: Wires can create a dangerous environment when cooking foods 

Problem 3: Cooking is stressful enough why not make it easier to accomplish.



Project challenges:

Challenge 1: Understanding the technological limitations

Challenge 2: Creating a cohensive and streamline concept for people to instantly understand.

I am not a fan of wires, especially in the kitchen.

All appliances are drawn to the areas in the kitchen where the outlets are.

In the age of wireless charging, I wanted to see if there was any form of wireless charging for high power electrical products (i.e kettle).

I discovered the Ki charging Standard that was created by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2019.

I knew this was the direction I wanted to head into, so I started working on creating a brandable wireless countertop.

Kettle Concet #y 5.jpg
Kettle Concet #y 4_edited_edited.png
Kettle Concet #y 7_edited.jpg

Ki is powered by inductive power transfer from copper coils out of sight underneath the counter-top. 

Maintenance drawers holds all the electrical equipment and wires.

Is it easily accessible from the stainless steel panel